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“I thoroughly enjoy my time with A.S.C and would highly recommend the company to anyone looking for employment in the aviation industry, with the utmost sincerity and conviction. Since beginning employment with your company, I have found it to be operated with the professionalism I have always looked for, and relished the ease and efficiency of their dedication to their staff and the facilities.”

“Aircraft Structural Contractors are extremely dedicated to making a smooth transition into facilities, and try to make things as easy as possible for the contractors. With them sorting out flights, accommodation and transportation, they really make you feel like a valued employee. Thanks ASC!”

“Thank-you ASC for the opportunities that you have presented me, and giving me to chance to improve my skills and knowledge within the aviation industry.”

“The verification flight was faultless. The aircraft flew brilliantly. This is the first time in the many verification flights I have done that I have returned without any defects. I would like to thank everyone involved for the great job and can’t wait for all our aircraft to have completed this process.” - Head of Engineering - Virgin Australia Regional Airlines

"ASC has been a great help in helping us win this current contract. Having ASC contractors working with us has enabled us to demonstrate that we can work side by side with the each other successfully. I would have anyone of your guys back, all have done a great job and I look forward to working together on this next contracted when needed." - Production Manager

"I want to express my gratitude for all the support and appreciation that I been given by Aircraft Structural Contractors, and mainly for giving me the opportunity to keep growing as a professional. I feel truly comfortable working with them, and look forward to working with them more in depth in the future.”