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Graeme Creighton – CEO

Graeme, a Mechanical and Structures Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) with a Diploma of Project Management, has been in the aviation industry since 1979. Within those 42 years, he has been in a variety of different roles in different facilities, starting within defence then moving onto major airline MRO roles.

Graeme started working with Aircraft Structural Contractors (ASC) as a contractor in 2008, and moved into a management role early 2012, working on ISO: 9001 Quality Systems, and contract negotiation with various AMO companies, then CASA Part 145 application for aeronautical product maintenance. Being the CASA approved Quality & Safety Manager managed various MOE amendments and applications for additional CASA Part 145 approvals.

Part of Graeme’s role is being the CASA approved Accountable Manager for the ASC Component Workshops as well as management of the Labour Hire arm of the business.

Michael – Operations Manager

Michael has over 34 years of Aircraft Maintenance experience in structural repairs and modifications in Base and Heavy Maintenance environments. This includes various roles in Supervisory, Technical and Operational Leadership capacities.

Michael’s skill set also included Lean Manufacturing and business improvement training which are vital to today’s challenging aviation environments.