Exciting News for ASC!


Aircraft Structural Contractors Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that our workshop facility in Caboolture, Queensland, has recently received our EASA Part 145 approval.


As you may or may not be aware, this now allows ASC the capability to release aircraft components under a CASA Part 145 OR EASA Part 145 approval status, which will benefit businesses with a broader support base for Fleets, by using ASC.


With the two approvals, ASC can now be more flexible to our customers’ needs and requirements and support businesses on both spectrums.


Please find attached a copy of the approval certificate that lists the “C” Ratings approved.


Limitations: Components in accordance with the Capability list reference W-23 Aeronautical Products Capability List and WP-12 Aeronautical Product Capability Procedure.   W-23 Capability list attached.